You Never Left The Garden

A six week self-empowerment course. This will run on zoom over a six week period combining EFT, Reiki, Meditation, Journaling, NLP and Affirmations. More details to follow soon.

Reiki Training

Level 1, Level 2 and Master Level coming soon. This will be face-to face training taking place at my home in Lancashire.

Tapping Masterclass

How to tap – the basics. This will be a workshop held on Zoom. I will talk you through the Tapping Sequence, explain what tapping is and how is can be used. I will share a few basic scripts and how to get the most out of your tapping time.

Tapping With Children

An evening workshop held on Zoom where I discuss tapping with our little ones. This will be useful to anyone who has little ones in their care – parents, teachers, grandparents etc. I will show you how to tap, how tapping can help our little ones manage their big emotions and how you can bring tapping into your daily routine.

Tapping In Schools
Emily Eastaugh tapping with school children

I absolutely love sharing the magic of tapping with young people. I think there is something really special about teaching our children how to take charge of their mental health from a young age. Showing them that our big negative feelings are totally normal, it is safe to feel them and it is safe to let them go. I am available to come into local schools to share tapping with the children. I use a variety of different tools to help the children understand and use tapping to help make their big, unhelpful “grey” feelings smaller and their positive “golden” feelings bigger. If you would like me to bring the magic of tapping into your school please message me by clicking here (or however you will put it in!)

If you are a parent or a teacher and would like to discuss one-to-one tapping with a child in your care please contact me and we can discuss how we can all work together to help your child release their big feelings and emotions, allowing them to live a much happier and balanced life.

To enquire further about the above, please contact me at

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