It can be hard to find the right words to use when tapping on your own.

I have put together a series of General Tapping Scripts to assist you with your Tapping Journey.

I would recommend getting yourself a big glass if water and a journal and pen before beginning to use the scripts.

Each script costs £5.00 to download and begins with a series of journalling prompts, designed to help bring your feelings to the surface and for you to being questioning, listening to and understanding your feelings.

Tapping Script
Manifestation Script

I have designed this script to help you to manifest the life of your dreams. This script helps you to recognise and release the fears and blocks stopping you from achieving your dreams. I live by the Law of Attraction and this is at the heart of my Manifesting Script. If you can believe and feel like this dream can happen then you have the power to make it your reality!


This topic lies close to my heart. I let anxiety rule me for far too long and so many of us are not living the life we truly deserve because of anxiety. This script is designed to help you let go, release and move forwards. To live your life without the weight of fear, stress and panic, allowing you to feel light, calm and at peace.


This script allows you to delve in to your issues surrounding people pleasing. Why do we do it? Does it stem from feeling unworthy? Does it stem from being encouraged to prioritise other peoples happiness over and above that of your own? Let’s explore this and bring in some awareness, allowing you to understand and recognise your issues with people pleasing and then to surrender, let go and move forwards. It is really good to make others happy but if you are ignoring your own needs and draining your energy in doing so then it is time to make a change.


Do you binge eat? Do you drink too much? If so, this is the script fo you. When those intense cravings strike, use this script to safely feel those cravings and then let them go. The script involves investigating what it is you actually need when those cravings strike. Do you need the cake or the beer? Or do you need to feel loved, valued and heard. Do you need that chocolate bar or that glass of wine? Or do you need to go for a walk, connect with nature and release some tension and stress? This script allows you to explore and let go of your cravings.


Do you feel overwhelmed and burn-out often? This script is designed to bring awareness to what is causing you to feel this way and to help you to see the bigger picture. When we are overwhelmed we are not operating effectively. Once you release the overwhelm you will be grounded, calm and in a much better position to tackle anything life may throw at you. Use this script to really let go of your overwhelm and anything else connected to it.


If your issue does not fit those catered for in my general Tapping Scripts then we can work together to create a Tapping Script that is specific and personal for you, catering to your particular needs. This is the perfect option for somebody who doesn’t feel ready to work with a Practitioner on a one-to-one basis. The script would be yours to keep and work on privately, in your own time and at your preferred pace.



If you would like something a little deeper, but you are not ready to work one-to-one with a Practitioner, I can put together a series of personalised Tapping Videos. I would work with you to create a trio of videos catering to your specific needs. The videos would allow you to work on your own, healing privately and at your own pace. This is the next best thing to working one-to-one with a Practitioner.

To enquire further about the above, please contact me at heal.with.emily@hotmail.com

Emily Hartill Reiki and EFT


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