I host Tapping Circles once a month on Zoom for £5.00 per Circle.

Tapping EFT


A Tapping Circle is a wonderful and affordable way to bring tapping into your routine. Tapping is a fast and effective way to regulate your nervous system. It helps to manage stress, release tension, negative emotions and negative energy. It helps to heal you mentally, physically and spiritually. It offers a simple yet powerful method of processing and releasing negative emotions.

The act of tapping as a group has been found to reinforce the effects of EFT. If you are new to tapping this is a perfect opportunity to give it a try in a safe and nurturing environment. Likewise, if you are an experienced tapper, the Circle offers you the chance to connect and tap with like- minded and supportive people.


You will be under no pressure to share any personal information. I would ask you to all think of an issue to focus on during the Tapping and to share the negative emotions linked to that issue. We would then all collectively tap, focusing on our own personal issue and releasing all of the negative emotions linked to the issue. I will guide and support you through the Tapping sequence and help you release the emotional intensity of your issue without having to delve into the specific memories.

Tapping EFT Heal with Emily

dates for our upcoming circles

Time – 20:30-21:30

Wednesday 28th July

Wednesday 25th August

Wednesday 22nd September

Wednesday 27th October

Thursday 25th November

Wednesday 22nd December

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“Just to say-first time I have slept well in weeks. I woke up feeling energised and refreshed! Thank you.”

– Sara Williams

“I haven’t slept well in over two weeks. Last night I fell asleep straight away and I’m feeling so much better!”

– Zoe Rodgers

“I really enjoyed it – thank you so much!”

– Siobhan Mungovan

“Thank you so much for the session. We were both straight to bed and out like a light afterwards.”

– Zoe & Ellie Booth

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