6 Week Healing Program

Do you ever feel like something is missing from you life? Like something just doesn’t feel right, life is working against you and no matter what you do, how hard you try, you keep reverting back to your old patterns and you just can’t seem to feel happy?

A journey back to you healing

‘A Journey Back to You’ is a six week healing programme where I will use a combination of EFT, Reiki, Reiki Drum, NLP, Meditation, Journalling and Affirmations to guide you back to YOU! We will work together to release those layers of rubbish that you have accumulated over your life, those layers, patterns, shadows, traumas and limiting beliefs that are blocking your truth and your light from shining through.

We will gently and powerfully guide you back home so you can live the life you truly deserve. The power is already there inside you, you just need to find the key to unlock your inner magic.

All I can say is WOW! I came out of my session feeling light, airy & like a huge weight had been lifted. I felt anxiety-free! The next two people I spoke to today commented that I was giving off a super calm aura. Emily you have a truly rare gift. Thank you for piecing together the things you did for me today.”

– Bethan Jarman


If you are willing to release you’re negative patterns and create a life you love then YES this is for you.

If you are willing to make YOU a priority and dedicate time and space to allow this deep healing to land and stick then YES, this is for you.

If you are willing to transform, to let go of all that no longer serves you and to live a life that truly feeds your soul then YES this is for you.

Cost: £300.00

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Emily Hartill Reiki and EFT


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