What My Clients Say…

“I have had 2 EFT sessions with Emily via zoom and she is absolutely amazing. After 2 sessions we managed to shift some very deep routed issues I have had since childhood. She is so professional but warm and kind and put me at ease straight away. She just ‘gets it’ and the difference it’s made to me is life changing. I will be coming for more sessions with Emily soon (either in person or via zoom). Highly recommend”

– Sara Williams

“I contacted Emily after hearing how she had helped a friend with the same past relationship trauma. Although I was a little sceptical I wanted to give EFT a go. Emily listened intently and when it came to the tapping had completely grasped how I was feeling. The release I had from the first session was incredible. It was almost like at one point I saw all the stuck negativity float out of me. I was so impressed that I came straight off the video call and paid the full price even though she was running a donation based Pre xmas offer and I had prepaid a lower amount.

I booked another appointment a couple of weeks later but in the meantime had discovered that my current partner had deceived me in pretty much the worst way possible. When I said I couldn’t make the session and explained the situation Emily was an absolute star. Although she couldn’t do another live appointment until the new year she offered to do a videoed session that I could do when ready. She ended up sending a trio of videos that were my absolute lifeline in getting through the xmas period without my now ex. Knowing they were there for me to turn to in my lowest moments was so helpful .

I would highly recommend Emily to anyone, even if like me, you may not be sure if it’s for you. Just give it a try. For me the results were incredible. Hopefully they will be for you too.”

– Liz Morrell

“I have met with Emily on several occasions (and had various treatments/therapies at a distance) she provides such a safe comfortable environment for you, so professional and would highly recommend her to anyone. My time with Emily has really opened my eyes! I know she’ll be a great success with this.”

– Talitha Murphy

“Emily made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked in. Having never experienced EFT or Reiki I was a bit unsure of what to expect …. but after only a few minutes into the session and I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt and the fact the therapy felt like it was working straight away. Emily is very professional and I would definitely recommend.”

– Alice Milner

“So today I witnessed something miraculous. Something I didn’t know was possible. A healing therapy that tapped in (literally) to the deepest, darkest roots of my anxiety & OCD & brought them out into the light.

Don’t get me wrong, I manage these things really well now – but I am always open to trying new healing methods to see if they can help. I’m talking about Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT, sometimes known as ‘Tapping’, which I had the pleasure of experiencing for the first time via Emily. You may not know; but most coaches and therapists get coaching and therapy too!

Once you know the power of personal development work, investing in yourself is rather addictive! After all, why would anyone settle for merely existing when they could be living their very best life?! So back to my experience of EFT – I actually don’t know where to begin, but I’ll try to share just some of the magic that occurred in my 1st session for you… So Emily began by pulling cards for me, which included ‘Dance with Life’ – a timely reminder to change up my routine & fill my days with things that change my energy & spark joy, amongst other poignant cards that truly resonated with where I am right now. Emily then asked me questions & very quickly built an accurate picture of the issues I wanted to release in this session.

Through tapping various energy points on my body & repeating the words Emily said, she guided me through the most soul-shaking, heart-aching, mind-blowing practice, all via Zoom. In that time, she had me visualising, befriending my inner child, fully-feeling my trapped emotions, making links to my anxiety in the present day and then finally – releasing the emotions.

All I can say is WOW! I came out of my session feeling light, airy & like a huge weight had been lifted. I felt anxiety-free! The next two people I spoke to today commented that I was giving off a super calm aura. Emily you have a truly rare gift. Thank you for piecing together the things you did for me today.”

– Bethan Jarman

“I have received both EFT and distance Reiki from Emily. Emily was kind enough to email me information about the treatment before my appointment so that I was prepared and knew the EFT tapping combinations.

I honestly never expected the treatment to be as powerful as it is. Emily listened intently to me and was extremely compassionate and empathetic. She naturally has a very caring nature which makes her a perfect practitioner. I can say that after tapping on the issues that I discussed with Emily, I have no longer suffer from those worries or stresses and I will 10000000% use Emily’s skills again. I also found Emily’s Reiki abilities to be extremely strong, despite there being over 100 miles between us. I can’t recommend Emily enough to anyone interested in alternative/healing therapies”

– Katherine Hartley

“Wow, just had a healing session with Emily (distance Reiki). I felt so relaxed throughout and still now. I felt a cool breeze on my face for the whole 30 minutes, popping in my right ear constantly and relief in my shoulder that causes me pain from my previous job caring (lifting patients). Thank you with all of my heart. I cannot wait to try Tapping with you”

I could feel pulsing in my body – You have the power!”

“Wow! I so needed that! I felt a heaviness in my body and a warm tingly feeling in my feet, hands and legs.”

“Thank you so much for the healing. I felt it right across my lower back – exactly where I had been aching today.”

“I wasn’t too sure what to expect this evening but I am pleasantly surprised. I feel so much calmer now and ready for a good nights sleep.”

“Emily is truly talented and immediately puts you at ease. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve health and well-being.”

“Just to say-first time I have slept well in weeks. I woke up feeling energised and refreshed! Thank you.”

“I haven’t slept well in over two weeks. Last night I fell asleep straight away and I’m feeling so much better!” – Zoe Rodgers.

“I really enjoyed it – thank you so much!” – Siobhan Mungovan.

“Thank you so much for the session. We were both straight to bed and out like a light afterwards.” – Zoe & Ellie Booth.

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