EFT is an incredibly fast way of releasing deep rooted emotions and can offer long lasting, life changing results. By tuning into our negative emotions whilst tapping on the specific meridian points we are able to release the intensity of these emotions and bring in feelings of calm, happiness and peace.

Emily Eastaugh Tapping EFT


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is commonly known as Tapping. It is a very fast way of releasing deep rooted emotions, physical pain, trauma, limiting beliefs and negative patterns.

Tapping is a fast and effective way to regulate your nervous system. It helps to manage stress, release tension, negative emotions and negative energy.

During an EFT session you will tap on specific points on your face and chest whilst focussing on the issue you wish to release. As you tap on these specific points, your body’s stress responses reduce dramatically allowing you to be in a calm and relaxed state whilst thinking about the issue that would ordinarily cause you distress.

This allows you to literally re-wire your brain! You can then think about the issue without experiencing that same intense emotional reaction.

“Emily made me feel comfortable as soon as I walked in. Having never experienced EFT or Reiki I was a bit unsure of what to expect …. but after only a few minutes into the session and I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt and the fact the therapy felt like it was working straight away. Emily is very professional and I would definitely recommend.”

– Alice MilneR 


Before your session I will ask you several questions. This assists me with any preparation work so we can get the most out of your first session but it also starts planting seeds within your energy, meaning that the healing actually begins from that very moment!

Heal with Emily Tapping EFT

During the session, I will ask further questions so we can really get to the root of your issue and we can then tap on very specific elements, allowing each layer to release one by one. I like to visualise these issues like trees in the forest of your mind. Each issue is one individual tree, and each one of these trees has many roots growing underneath it, giving that tree (your issue) life. When we tap away enough of those roots, the whole tree collapses and you are free to get back to shining your light and living the life you deserve!

I often bring in different elements to my session. I always allow the reiki to flow to add another dimension to the healing experience. I often start my sessions with an oracle card reading and I find meditation and visualisation exercises very helpful. I am trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and I find offering you practical steps to work on in your own time very beneficial to your healing process.

‘EFT can be used on absolutely anything! It works wonders with anxiety, depression, low self- esteem, grief, trauma, phobias, physical pain, stress, anger, cravings, weight loss, motivation and procrastination. Whatever your issue may be, tapping will hold the answers you need!’

Discover Your Happiness

Through tapping, let’s release fear and instead, re-discover that you can dance with life, glow & laugh… pursue a dream career… and thrive – not just survive!

It’s time to show you how capable and deserving of living your dream life you really are.

Heal with Emily Tapping EFT
Emily Eastaugh I love EFT

Why I Love EFT

I have been through mental health issues and I have used these therapies to really help myself come out of the shadows and into the light and so whatever your issue, I am understanding of what you are going through – I have been there and I know I can help.

EFT is not as well-known as Reiki but offers fast and lasting results in comparison to more mainstream talking therapies

I always feel absolutely amazing after an EFT session with a client as they always have massive shifts and revelations and the joy that brings me is incredible.


EFT 60 Minutes:  £40.00

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 60 mins PLUS 30 mins Reiki

Book x5 EFT Sessions for £180.00

Emily Hartill Reiki and EFT


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