My Story

Hi, I’m Emily & I’m a Mum and a Step-Mum. I love the simple life – being in nature, spending time with my children, husband and dog. I enjoy running, reading and eating delicious food, but my true passion lies with helping others to heal and rediscover their value and worth – helping others to feel empowered is truly amazing.

I first discovered Reiki in 2018 I was suffering with extreme anxiety, depression amongst other things and I found a lovely place called The Harmony Hub. I went for a Mindfulness Course and the lady running the course was a Reiki Master. She had a wonderfully calm energy and I fancied a bit of that! So I booked onto Reiki 1 without knowing anything about it. It all went from there. Before I knew it I was a Reiki Master and I had begun training in EFT – again after experiencing really good results with my own self healing. I knew this was something I was supposed to bring into the world – helping others by sharing my story and sharing the skills I have learned along my own healing journey.

Emily Hartill Reiki and EFT
About Emily Eastaugh

I believe that it is my mission to spread light into the world and help people who are stuck in feelings of lack and low self worth to find their spark and re-discover their excitement and passion for life.

I have been through my own mental health battle. I have spent the majority of my life feeling such low self-worth, lacking confidence and struggling to communicate my needs and boundaries. I have struggled with low self esteem, anxiety and depression, feeling invisible and worthless. I have lived a life stuck in fear, resentment and anger and I have really delved deep into my shadows which has enabled me to heal release and I have tapped and transformed my way into a love based life, a life of purpose, worth and value.

As an empath I absorb other peoples energy, feelings and emotions. Being aware of this has helped me massively and I am now able to use this to really enhance my healing sessions.

I am able to step in to your shoes and use my intuition to guide you towards what you need to heal and let go of in order to live the life of your dreams.

I am here to help people re-discover themselves. I truly believe that I can help you to find YOU! The thing you are searching for and think is missing is actually right there inside you. You have everything you need and always have. I will help you to rediscover YOU. The real, authentic you. The person you were born to be. The life of your dreams is just waiting for you to step back in and claim it.

Emily Hartill Reiki and EFT


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