Reiki is a gentle energy healing method that allows deep transformation without having to delve too deeply into the issue itself.

Emily Eastaugh Reiki sessions


Reiki is a very powerful yet gentle energy healing therapy. It involves me placing my hands in a series of positions on your body whilst channeling healing, life-force energy. Reiki promotes the body’s natural ability to heal by activating the relaxation response and helping your body to balance itself at a very deep level.

Reiki can be used to aid relaxation, to relieve stress and anxiety, to assist with physical issues, promote recovery and to develop emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.


I am an Usui Reiki Master and a level 2 Karuna Reiki Practitioner and I bring elements of both branches into my healing sessions, I always start the session with a consultation, discussing your needs and intentions for the healing session. I offer a safe, calming space for you to honour your feelings and release them. During the session you may see colours, feel heat or coolness coming from my hands, you may feel light and your tummy might make gurgling noises. This is all good – signs that your energy is shifting and your body is releasing what no longer serves your highest good. I often bring essential oils and crystals into my sessions allowing for a deeper healing experience.

Heal with Emily Reiki Healing

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Reiki Drum was brought to the UK in 2007 and combines the powerful effects of sound healing with the beautiful healing energy of Reiki. Shamanic drumming is an ancient form of healing and can be used to heal on a cellular level, releasing emotional energy that has become stuck in our bodies. I offer three different Reiki Drum treatments depending on what your specific needs are.


This involves us discussing what specific issue you wish to bring healing to and we then make this the intention of our session. I will use the Reiki charged drum and carry out a healing drum session, drumming over your body for between 10-20 minutes. I will then finish with a hands on Reiki healing session. The combination of shamanic drumming and reiki healing is very powerful indeed and can assist you in releasing and shifting emotional blocks, issues, patterns and stuck negative energy.

Reiki Drum Healing Session – £40.00

Reiki Drum Healing


In basic terms, a Reiki Drum Journey is a very deep form of meditation. I will guide you into your journey/meditation using the Reiki charged drum. Before we begin your journey we will discuss your intentions, i.e. you may wish to find answers or gain clarity for a specific issue you are facing , you may wish to connect with your spirit guides or ancestors, you may wish to find empowerment, retrieve a lost part of yourself or find your voice or power. Once your intentions are agreed we can then bring this into your journey, making it very specific and personal for you. The journey will last anywhere between 15 and 30 minutes. I would then finish with a hands on Reiki Session. I find that the journey process can continue beyond the session and answers/revelations may continue for the following few days. I recommend you keep a pen and paper handy and write down anything that comes up during this period.

Reiki Drum Journey – £40.00

REIKI Drum Mental and Emotional Reprogramming Technique

The aim here is to reprogram your negative mental and emotional patterns using Reiki Drum Healing. This technique allows you to overcome bad habits, release mental/emotional blocks, release limiting beliefs, it also helps to focus your mind on achieving a specific goal. Before the session we will work out where you are, where you want to be and what you need to do to make that transition. We will then agree on an affirmation to work with during the session. It is done in a relaxed and meditative state, allowing the affirmation to land directly into your subconscious. I will use the Reiki charged drum, drumming over your body whilst we both focus on your affirmation, sending it directly into your energy. I then finish with a hands on Reiki treatment. This is an incredibly powerful technique and I find it works very well when combined with EFT.

Reiki Drum Mental Reprogramming – £40.00

Reiki Drum Healing

Finally Experience

True Healing

I understand you may have tried other therapies without much success and maybe you believe you aren’t capable of achieving positive results. You may think energy healing won’t work for you or feel sceptical about trying something a little different.

I felt exactly the same, but I am here now – I am living, breathing proof that these therapies and techniques do work and they can change your life!

Energy and sound healing

“Wow, just had a healing session with Emily (distance Reiki). I felt so relaxed throughout and still now. I felt a cool breeze on my face for the whole 30 minutes, popping in my right ear constantly and relief in my shoulder that causes me pain from my previous job caring (lifting patients). Thank you with all of my heart. I cannot wait to try Tapping with you.”


Distance Reiki 45 mins – £25.00

In Person Reiki 30 mins – £15.00

In Person Reiki 60 mins – £30.00

Emily Hartill Reiki and EFT


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