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Discover Self-Worth & Healing Through a Journey Back To You.

Emily Eastaugh Reflexology & EFT

About Heal With Emily

Are you unsure where your life is going?

Do you feel like something is missing, but you can’t quite figure out what?

Are your deepest beliefs that you are not worthy or you are just not enough?

Well I work with women just like you, who feel lost and would love to find their spark again. Women who would love to re-discover what  lights them up and bring excitement, purpose and passion back into their lives. I want to help you live your life as the person you were born to be – with purpose, free from anxiety and full of happiness again.

I offer a safe place to release, heal and move forwards. If you are ready to let go of the past and move towards a more purposeful life, then now is the time to make that first step and begin your journey back to you.


“Emily is truly talented and immediately puts you at ease. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve health and well-being.”

Emily’s Services

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

EFT is an incredibly fast way of releasing deep rooted emotions and can offer long lasting, life changing results. By tuning into our negative emotions whilst tapping on the specific meridian points we are able to release the intensity of these emotions and bring in feelings of calm, happiness and peace.


Products For Stress Release

Personalised Tapping Videos and Tapping Scripts are available to purchase.


Reiki Sessions

A method of gently unblocking and balancing the subtle energies that flow through the body. It is healing that begins with your energy and honours your entire being. It is the path where deep healing paves the way for aligned living, conscious action, and life-altering results.


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Finding Balance & Peace

It is time to stop trying to be everything to everyone. Instead, make YOU a priority. Take the time you need to heal so you can rediscover who you really are and find your purpose and passion for life on a truly magical journey back to YOU.

Heal with Emily EFT

“I also found Emily’s Reiki abilities to be extremely strong, despite there being over 100 miles between us. I can’t recommend Emily enough to anyone interested in alternative/healing therapies.”

– Katherine Hartley


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Come and join me in my exclusive Facebook Group – Heal With Emily.

I am building a beautiful community of like-minded individuals and a safe place to share, heal, grow and rise up together.

I do regular live “Tap Alongs” for you to join in with too!

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If you're ready to heal and start living a purposeful life?

Then contact Emily and find out how she can support you on your journey back to you.